Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia

That's where I live

Er, that's actually South Trigg Beach. Close enough :-)

The West Part of my house

  Click here for some info about my 1kW solar panels

Speaking about solar, read this letter to the editor; in our local paper May 19.2009

And another little project: Insulating the garage door

Pruning the palm tree

Re-skinning a Djembe Drum

Latest activities,

Installing 4 (four) Whirlies:

After installing 4 of them I have a good grip on the procedure.
  • One is installed in top of a ceiling exhaust fan in the second bathroom.
  • Two in the roof space, for them I installed 2 vents in the eves as well, to create an air inlet.
  • One is installed on the roof of the living room, together with an adjustable ceiling vent. It will let the hot air, that collects up in the cathedral ceiling, escape in summer. In winter it can be closed, with the help of a plastic fitting on top of a rod. I did notice a difference already. The hot afternoons are not as hot anymore :-) I can feel the breeze. So I need not switch on the air conditioner so often.

Replacing the pads in the Air Conditioner:

On Freecycle I got a set of larger 1 year old pads, which I cut to size and installed. Just in time, as my old ones were going really tired. I had cleaned them with HCl (hydro chloric acid) last year, but there is only so much you can do before they fall apart. Cleaning the plastic grills was no luxury, they were invaded by spiders.

The apricot harvest!

The net has saved this years harvest from the fruit flies!
Yummy jam I must say.

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