Another project:

Insulating the garage door

With my house facing North and the door being exposed to full sun all day, it can get rather hot in there.
In fact, unbearably hot and important work gets put off.
In order to having no excuse for procrastination anymore I decided to insulate the door.

First I bought 40mm thick polystyrene from Australinsulation at the cost of $63.
(Thanks to the guys from iinet.general for helping me with finding a good a supplier)
$10 of the price was for cutting the 2 large 3.6x1.2m sheets to 1.2x1.2m size.

It turned out that this was still a tad too big, but cutting once more was no problem for the friendly staff.

There are also 2 protective coversheets of 20mm thickness which came handy for covering the pelmet which I forgot to add in my calculation.

I quickly rigged up a large bow kind of thing with a resistive wire to cut the sheets to size. I like making tools, a lot:-)

The old outdoor chair spring compensates the temperature expansion of the wire.
An even older transformer supplies 12 V at 6 A and the heat is just right.

Now I am glad that I didn't go for a roller door when I was building.
Here are the door panels filled with foam. :

And here they are covered with Bradford Enviroseal, which was left over from some work I did on the roof 2 years ago. I prefer the shiny side visible to brighten up the room:

When temporarely removing the panel fittings to glue the sheets on, one has to be careful not to remove the bottom one, which holds a steel cable, which again holds most of the weight of the door against gravity with the help of the coil spring (see on top of the door in the first picture). It could be quite dangerous I suppose.